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happy world suicide prevention day.

yes, world suicide prevention day is today.

it's pretty important to me. i think...four of my friends have contemplated suicide and two have really been serious about it. so this day is important to me.

you'd think that if you've been around suicide as much as i have that i'd be used to people contemplating it, but i'm not. it gets harder and harder everytime because each time you realize it's real and it might actually happen. and it's espcially hard if you know the person through the internet (three out of the four people i know via the internet) because you can't help them at all. you can, but it's just words, and it's harder to get through.

oh, how ironic, the song jumper is playing. :\

anyway, if you know anyone who is contemplating suicide...get them help. :[ it's something no one wants to go through. they don't want to commit suicide because they're ~emo or ~gothic, they want to because they're having major problems that you need to help them with. don't let this go on, one person can change someones life. i know this firsthand.

i'm sorry if this sounded stupid, but i'm serious about this. if your friend is having suicidal thoughts, don't just blow it off. it could be something much worse.


ps: this post is public for obvious reasons.
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